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This is a paragraph that I wrote a few days ago, as an exercise in writing descriptions. It isn’t a part of any story yet, though someday it may be. But for now, you may judge how well I did on describing this lovely lady.


All the people were holding their breath, waiting. To me it seemed like an eternity. Finally, I heard the trumpets flourish, and the people erupted into cheers. Standing on my toes, I could just barely see her over the crowd. She was the most beautiful lady I had ever seen. Her dress was a delicate green, the sleeves coming to her forearm, with the opening so enormous it touched her knees. Her hands were white and delicate, but firm and commanding. Her eyes were a soft brown, mirroring her compassionate heart. But the most beautiful part of her, the thing I noticed first, was her dark brown, almost black hair.It was so long, it reached to her ankles. As she walked, it flowed behind her like a waterfall. Smiling warmly at the people, she seemed to be a descendant of the elves.


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